Case Study: Retired Worker Hearing Loss Claim

Case Study: Retired Worker Hearing Loss Claim

A Retired Refinery Worker Realizes Hearing Loss

Industrial hearing loss claims are unique because it can take years or even decades for the effects of long-term exposure to high noise levels to manifest. Industrial workers often fail to seek legal counsel for hearing loss injuries because many have retired or left the workplace before the symptoms of hearing loss appear. It is important for industrial workers to know that employers can still be held responsible for work-related injuries after an employee has left the company or retired.

Our client, a retired refinery worker from Sulphur, Louisiana, faced a significant challenge as he grappled with hearing loss stemming from his years of service in noisy industrial environments. To address his condition, our legal team and support staff played a pivotal role in facilitating the worker’s journey towards obtaining a definitive diagnosis and access to essential treatment for his gradual onset hearing loss. Upon diagnosis, it was made clear that our client would require hearing aids throughout the remainder of his life.

Repeated Exposure to High Noise Levels to Blame

As with most hearing loss claims, it was essential to the case that a connection was established between the hearing loss and the adverse working conditions experienced during the worker’s tenure at the industrial plant. We scheduled our client with an Audiogram and treatment with an ENT Physician to help determine the cause of hearing loss. Through testing and evaluation, it was demonstrated that the root cause of our client’s debilitating hearing impairment was in fact attributable to his incessant exposure to high levels of noise in his past working environments.
Using his knowledge of the law, attorney Jason Bell thoroughly investigated to determine the cause of our client’s hearing loss and successfully advocated for the retired worker’s rights. His efforts ensured our client received full and just compensation for the hearing loss he endured due to his work-related injury.

This case serves as a testament to our commitment to advocating for the rights and well-being of workers who have suffered occupational injuries, offering them a path to rightful restitution for their hardships—even after they have retired or left the workplace where their injuries were sustained.

Client Results

$10 Million

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Workplace Hearing Loss

Our track record of success speaks volumes, as we consistently secure the results our clients deserve, ensuring they receive the compensation and closure they need to move forward.
At SWLA Injury Attorneys, we are committed to delivering justice and fighting tirelessly for your rights, while compassionately guiding our clients through each step of the legal process.

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