Case Study: Shipper/Loader Liability In Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident

Case Study: Shipper/Loader Liability In Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident

18-Wheeler Tire Blowout Results in Fatal Collision

Commercial motor vehicle accidents are complex legal cases due to the sheer number of parties involved. Drivers, employers, vehicle manufacturers, and even shippers and loaders can all play a role in the causality of a crash. Thorough investigation and a deep knowledge of local, state, and federal law are required to determine liability and achieve full compensation for the victims of the crash.

SWLA Injury Attorneys represented a family after a devastating interstate collision resulted in the death of a beloved husband and father of three children. The commercial motor vehicle accident occurred after the driver of a tractor-trailer was unable to regain control of his 18-wheeler after a left steer tire blowout, causing the vehicle to cross the median and collide with oncoming traffic.

SWLA Injury Attorneys Holds All Responsible Parties Accountable

The insurance policy for the trucking company was insufficient to adequately compensate the grieving family for the wrongful death of their loved one. However, in representing the family, the attorneys at SWLA Injury Attorneys took a comprehensive approach to secure justice. They investigated the circumstances surrounding the accident and discovered that multiple parties in the trucking industry bore responsibility for the collision. Specifically, the shipper and loader of the cargo being hauled by the commercial driver had failed to properly secure the load in violation of federal regulations. When the tire blowout occurred, the unsecured cargo shifted, exacerbating the driver’s inability to control the tractor, ultimately leading to this tragic collision.
As is often the case with 18-wheeler accidents, this case highlights that major players in the trucking industry will quickly point the finger at each other when confronted about their own negligence.

As diligent advocates for their clients, the legal team at SWLA Injury Attorneys pursued justice from all responsible parties involved in the incident—not just the trucking driver and company. Through their efforts, they successfully secured a multimillion-dollar settlement, providing the grieving family with the compensation they deserved for the loss of their family member.

Client Results

$1.75 Million

CMV Accident – Wrongful Death

$3.99 Million

18 Wheeler Accident – Wrongful Death

$2.5 Million

18 Wheeler Accident – Wrongful Death

At SWLA Injury Attorneys, we put the full power of our firm behind every case we take on. Our attorneys, legal team, and support staff work collaboratively to guide each client through the legal process, to investigate and uncover all relevant details, and to utilize every letter of the law to our legal advantage. Personal injury cases are personal to the clients who entrust us to seek justice on their behalf. We are committed to serving their best interests with empathetic understanding of their circumstances and through a relentless demand for full and fair compensation.

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